New Year, new blog?!


I’m still fairly new at this blogging game, I started my travel blog late last year, so that my friends and family back home could follow me and and my other half on our travels. I’ll eventually move that blog over to here when I come home from backpacking, as I don’t want to confuse the parents while I’m away and can’t help!

Having really enjoyed blogging so far, I think I’ve caught the bug and want to continue it when I’m home in England, and as I have such an exciting year coming up, getting our first home together and organising a wedding, I wanted a platform where I could write about all these things seperately, but keeping under the same ‘umbrella’, which I think I can do here!

Having seen fellow travellers blogs, they all seem to be favouring WordPress over Blogger, so I thought I’d hop on board and see what it’s like over here!

I already love the ease of adding quotes and links, so could be onto a winner!!

Let’s see where this takes us!




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