100 Happy Days

I stumbled across the 100 Happy Days challenge towards the end of 2013, and absitely loved the concept, if you haven’t heard about it you can read all about it here.

100 Happy Days

Being a huge fan of taking photos, and really liking the positivity surrounding it, I was hooked – updating my twitter account daily proudly with my #100happydays tag!

However, as I was backpacking at the time, I soon found it difficult to find internet access, and was unable to post my pictures daily. I would end up building up a collection of a week or more at a time, struggling to get them all uploaded in time. I ended up falling behind, which I felt suprisingly sad about – not because anyone was following my journey – as I knew they weren’t, but this was something I had wanted to do for myself. Mainly to prove to myself that I could see it through.

In the end, I gave up after a full week with no internet access. What started out being positive and fun, had turned into a daily stress to find wifi, and disappointment in myself when I couldn’t. I had really wanted to complete the challenge – I’m not a quitter!

Having got to day 50, I’m not sure that I’m allowed to pick up where I left off as it’s supposed to be 100 consecutive days – but I’d really like to pick up where I left off now that internet access isn’t a problem, and I’m back home settled in ‘normal’ life again. Really interested to see how it turns out!

Here’s a sneeky peek at some of my previous ‘happy days’ – they already bring back amazing memories! You can follow the rest here!

20140417-172259.jpg     20140417-172320.jpg

20140417-172329.jpg     20140417-172308.jpg



Have you tried the challenge yourself?! I’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences!



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