Liebster Award!


A HUGE thank you to Miss Emma-Lily for nominating me for a Liebster Award!

If you haven’t heard of them, the Liebster Award is given by bloggers to bloggers who are either new to the blogging world to welcome them, or to give their blog more awareness! You have to answer a series if questions which they set for you, and then tag other new bloggers to spread the love even more!

I hadn’t heard about them before being nominated, and I can’t tell you just how chuffed I was!  It is a super cute idea and really made my day, so hopefully I can make a few people smile today aswell!

So here we go, here are my questions and answers from Miss Emma-Lily!

1. Do you prefer sweet or savoury?

100% Sweet!  I have the worst sweet tooth, chocolate is an ultimate weakness!

2. Do your close friends and family know about your blog?

My other half knows about it, and one of my good friends, but no-body else!  I started a travel blog when I went backpacking which started my love for blogging, as a way for all my friends and family to keep up with what we were doing.  It was really fun to do, but as this is so out of my comfort zone and a big learning curve for me, I’m keeping it a little quiet at the moment!

3. Where in the world do you belong?

On a stage!  I trained professionally as a dancer, and have been lucky enough to work overseas and in the UK in some great contracts.  I absolutely adore it, but I’m currently working an office job, as I’m saving for my wedding and for a house 🙂 Thumbs up for being a grown up!

Failing that – I belong somewhere hot an sunny, near a beach!

4. What are your must have beauty brands?

I’ve had a longterm love affair with MAC.  I just adore their products!

Also just bought my first NARS product, the powder blush in ‘Orgasm’ (teehee!) which I adore, it is just so pretty!  I’m lusting after their eyeshadows too –  got a duo on my wish list for next month!

Maybelline and Rimmel are my favourite High Street brands at the moment.

5. Which beauty products could you live without?

I guess I could live without foundation (shock horror!) as I don’t actually wear it if I’m not doing a show!  I would like to get into it though, as I think in photos your skin just looks so much nicer with it – give me some recommendations in the comments?!

6. Are you a cat or dog person?

Cat person for sure!  I’m actually really scared of big dogs!

7. What inspired you to start your blog?

As I said before, I started blogging on my travels, to document my time away, both to let people at home know what we were doing, but also to look back on in years to come as I did a detailed, diary style blog.

I’ve been reading beauty blogs for a few years now, and had wanted to start one for a long time, but didn’t really have the confidence.  A friend I used to go dancing with started an awesome fashion blog earlier this year, which actually inspired me to finally start my own blog!  She has no idea, (I’m not even sure she know’s I have a blog!) until now – thanks Laura 🙂 Check out her blog here.

8. Can you describe yourself in eight words?

Oooooh tricky!

Friendly, Happy, Positive, Dreamer, Dancer, Chatty, Easy-Going and Ambitious!

9. If you had to wear one type of shoe for the rest of your life, which would you choose?

I actually love not wearing shoes at all!  However, if I could only wear one type of shoes it would have to be…… FLIP FLOPS!  I LOVE my Havaianas as they are just sooooo comfy.

10. Do your feet have to be under the covers at night, even in summer?

Of course!  I can’t get to sleep if my feet aren’t covered, it really bothers me!

11. What is your favourite healthy food?

I love healthy food, and am a huge fan of eating ‘clean’.  I can’t get enough raspberries!

Now it’s my turn to spread the love, yay! Now, the rules seem to be a little sketchy, with regards to how many followers people should have etc. I’m going to go ahead and nominate a few of my favourite blogs, who have either recently started blogging, or have under 3000 followers (to my knowledge)

Laura’s Little Locket

Whimsical Mrs

Little Bit Soph

Pugs and Flowers

I also nominate any new bloggers that may stumble across this 🙂

Here are your 11 Questions:

1. Why did you start blogging?

2. Favourite social media?

3. Who is your idol?  (Famous or not)

4. Tell us your top beauty tip!

5. Favourite High Street shops?

6. What is your guilty pleasure?

7. If you had a magic lamp, what would you wish for?!

8. Tea or Coffee?

9. What make’s you happy?

10. What is your greatest achievement?

11. One thing you can’t live without?

Wow, what a long post! Can’t wait to see your answers ladies 🙂


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