Topshop Lipsticks!


Other than wearing red lipstick in shows, I rarely wear anything at all on my lips. I hate it when it wears off without you realising, ending up with a dodgy lip liner effect!

Despite this, I’m trying to make more of an effort to wear it (and remember to keep it topped up!), as I think it just completely finishes off your look, and balances out your face.

Last year, before I went travelling and after reading lots of reviews, I decided to try a couple of high street brands. I kept hearing great things about the Topshop and Lasting Finish by Kate, the Kate Moss for Rimmel ranges of lipsticks, so purchased ‘Rumour has it’ (cute name!) from Topshop (£8), and the Rimmel by Kate, in shade 19 (£5.49).


They were both quite neutral colours, which I thought would be a good intro colour family, as a bold lip in normal life scares me a little!

Left: Topshop ‘Rumour has it Right: Rimmel Kate Moss 19          IMG_5078

I’m disappointed to report that the Rimmel lippy gives me the dreaded ‘line’ when wearing off, and although it felt pretty moisturising, it just didn’t do it for me. I feel a bit to consious of it, like I need to constantly check it doesn’t need re-applying. It’s just not what I want in a lipstick! Having read so many good reviews about it, my view on wearing lippy sadly hadn’t changed.

However, I’m sure you’ll sleep mich better tonight knowing that I really like my Topshop purchase!! It is so moisturising, and for me is the perfect ‘your lips but better’ shade’. I feel like it lasts a fair amount of time considering the price, although I do top it up a couple of times throughout the day at work.

The main us for me, is that when wearing off, I’m not left with a horrible tell tale line – my main reason for not wearing lippy in the first place!

I love it so much, I’ve branched out and bought another, still natural but a slightly pinker shade ‘Innocent’.

Again, I really like it, and think I might go ahead and try something a little darker soon! I think it’s a really pretty shade!


Does anyone else love the Topshop lipsticks? Or can recommend any other brands that won’t leave me with ‘the line’?! High street or high end – I’m up for trying new things!


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