NARS Sheer Glow Foundation Review


Hey Dollies!

I purchased NARS Sheerglow Foundation about 5 weeks ago, and thought I’d give it a little review for you guys!

I hadn’t been a foundation wearer at all, but had been wanting to branch out for a while. Although I’m lucky enough to have very clear skin most of the time, I felt like in photos my face looked a little drab, like something was missing.

As this product had such great reviews, I wanted to give it a try. I was in London and thought I’d take the opportunity to go and get colour matched properly in John Lewis. The lady on the counter was lovely, took the time to try a range of colours and helped me choose the right one for me. She matched me with Gobi.

I really love that this foundation looks and feels so natural. I don’t feel cakey like I have with other products, and feel like it enhances my skin rather than masks it, which is exactly what I wanted. In the past I hated wearing foundation, having only worn it in shows before, not in everyday situations. The foundations I’ve used before actually caused me to get spots, but I haven’t experienced this at all with Sheer Glow.

Having only taken a handful of photos, I now feel that my face looks healthier in pictures, and really natural. I found that the product is very buildable, so if you wanted more coverage you could acheive this.  I was too shy to show you my naked face today, so here’s a swatch on my hand, and then blended in!



The only ‘bad’ thing about this product is that it doesn’t already come with a pump, so it can be a little messy and harder to judge how much to pour onto my hand. Also, I hadn’t expected it to be so difficult to find one! They are sold out online and I’ve tried 3 stores and still no luck – if anyone knows where I can track one down please let me know in the comments!


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4 thoughts on “NARS Sheer Glow Foundation Review

  1. Great review, definitely on my wish list! Quick question, does this leave a whitecast with flash photography?


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