Walking in a Winter Wonderland…


I have wanted to visit Hyde Park’s Winter Wonderland for years, but for one reason or another I just hadn’t had the opportunity to go.

This year my other half and I decided to book a day off work and make it happen! We thought it would be best to go early on a weekday and as we were already going to see a band in London on Friday evening, we made a weekend of it and stayed over!

There were lots of fairground rides which you could go on, but we were there for the Christmas market and ice skating!  The market at Winter Wonderland was absolutely beautiful, with fairy lights EVERYWHERE! There were so many different foods to choose from and the smells coming from all the stands were just incredible!  There was a really lovely atmosphere as we walked around.



When it was time to go ice skating I was really nervous as I haven’t done it since I was a child. Sean had never gone ice skating before, but was more confident than me – whizzing off while I was left like Bambi holding onto the sides for dear life!  We both left the ice unscathed which was a massive bonus, and went to  brave some Christmas shopping down Oxford Street!


Have you visited Winter Wonderland this year?  Let me know of any other Christmas Markets I should visit!


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