Quick and Easy Vintage Hair Styles – 20’s Vintage Roll

I adore absolutely everything vintage, from clothing to homeware to hair!

With my wedding coming up in April, I thought it was time to start trying out some vintage styles, so invested in some ‘scunchi’ hair tools to help me acheive some different looks.


Today I’m showing you the Vintage Roll, a 20’s style which I think is really versatile. It could be left as it is for a pretty daytime look, or add some flowers or something sparkly to make it a bit more glamourous!

There were 2 different tools to achieve the same look, and as my hair is so fine I wasn’t sure which would work better on my hair so I thought I’d get both!



The first is a bit like a hair band, the second clips in – similar clips to hair extensions.  I found in my hair the second tool was too fiddly, as you have to thread your hair through the slit in the middle and roll your hair up, attaching the clips discreetly behind your ears.

As I have long hair and quite a small head it was really tricky to get it even, and was too wide for me.  The clips just slipped out of my hair too, so overall was a massive fail! for me.  If you have more mid-length hair it may work well for you.

Here’s how I got on with the Scunci Vintage Roll ‘hairband’.  You simply place it over your head and then wrap your hair over and tuck it in!  Simple!  I used a few hair pins to keep it in place and hey presto!

You can get the Scunci hair accessories from Boots, Claires accessories and pretty much everywhere that sells anything hair related!



image image

What are your favourite vintage styles? Share your tips in the comments!


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4 thoughts on “Quick and Easy Vintage Hair Styles – 20’s Vintage Roll

  1. That is really cool, I never knew you used tools to create these types of looks, I’d always assumed they were just pinned somehow!


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