Make Up Haul Part 1!

It’s been so long since I posted a haul, and although I thought I’d been really good and not bought too much recently, it seems more has slipped into my basket in the last few months than I thought!  I’m going to do this haul in stages as there are so many bits, so let’s rewind to December – here’s what I’ve been buying!

Topshop Creamy Finish Lipstick in ‘The Damned’ (£8.00) I got brave in December and finally decided to pick up a berry shade lipstick.  I really liked the swatch on my hand, but on wearing it for real it was more of a fuchsia pink than a berry colour.


Bit disappointing but it only led me on to invest in……..

MAC Amplified Creme Lipstick in ‘Dark Side’! (£15.50) LOVE this lipstick!  I feel like it’s a pretty dramatic colour, but absolutely loved rocking it in Winter!  I feel like as we’re getting closer to spring I’m going to have to put this baby into hibernation until Autumn.  Sad face!


Here’s a swatch of the two lipsticks, MAC is on the left, Topshop is on the right. The Topshop lipstick looks SO different on the skin doesn’t it?!


To go along with my gores berry shade lippy, I invested in the MAC lip pencil in ‘Vino’ (£12.50) This is a gorgeous berry colour which matches the lipstick perfectly.  I think it’s quite versatile and I could away with this with any darker lip colour with it. Annoyingly, I can’t find this one to photograph so I’ll just link it here.

I will really miss wearing berry shades, and feel like I didn’t make the most of it last year – roll on Autumn, I’ll be jumping back on the berry train ASAP!!

What are your favourite winter colours?  Do you have any recommendations for Spring?!


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