How To: Copper Dipped Milk Bottle Vases | Super Easy DIY!

I saw this idea on Pinterest and as it looked pretty straight forward I thought I’d give it a go myself!

As I have a whole stash of milk bottles left over from my recent wedding, it was the perfect opportunity to try a little DIY.  I’m absolutely obsessed with copper at the moment, and luckily had a bronze/copper coloured spray paint already!

All you need for this is a vase/bottle, something to cover the tops of the vase with – I used disposable sandwich bags, but you could use a plastic carrier bag or even a paper bag – some low adhesive tape and a spray paint in the colour of your choice!

So here we are, starting with some regular milk bottles.

First, I used the tape to mark out how far down I wanted the colour to be, and made sure I pressed this down really firmly to get a lovely neat line.

Then I covered the tops of the bottles with the sandwich bags and taped this down too.  We were now ready to spray paint and looking like this…


I wore a glove in the hand  I was holding the bottle in to stop me getting covered in paint, and gave the bottles a light coating – leaving them to dry upside down.


After one more coat they were done!  Here’s the finished result.



Super easy and really effective.  I think they would add a gorgeous pop of colour to any room.

I’m so pleased with how they turned out, I might even make some as gifts for friends!    



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