5 things I want to make more time for…

Today’s post is inspired by the beautiful Estee Lalonde’s recent Youtube video which you can watch here.

Sometimes life can be so busy, and there simply are not enough hours in the day.  Here are 5 things I want to make more time for.

Family and friends.  Family is hugely important to me.  A lot of my family live abroad, which makes me want to make the most of living so close to my Mum and Dad.  I do make sure I see them every week, even if it’s just for a cup of tea!  One of my news years resolutions this year was to make more effort to see my friends, as most of them are quite spread out over the UK!  I still don’t see them as much as I’d like, but there’s definitely been an improvement since last year! 🙂

Exercise.  I’m very guilty of coming in from a long day at work, making dinner and then being a couch potato for the rest of the night!  I want to make more time for exercising, and finally get my money’s worth out of my gym membership!  Exercise is so important for a healthy mind as well as body!

Getting outside.  This goes hand in hand with exercise for me.  Most of my week consists of waking up, driving to work, sitting in an air conditioned office all day, driving home, eating and sleeping.  Now that the evenings are getting dark, it’s getting normal to drive to and from work in the dark!  Boo!  I want to make more time to enjoy the weekends OUTSIDE!!  It’s so lovely to breathe in the fresh air, and even just going for a short walk outside can help calm my brain from the mayhem within!

Me! A bit of a selfish one, but I don’t remember the last time I had a proper pamper evening!  My free time at the moment seems to be taken up trying to catch up with everyday jobs, and attempting to be a fully functioning adult!  Considering I started this blog to share my favourite beauty items, this has taken a bit of a back step!

Creativity.  Since I stopped dancing professionally, I’ve struggled to find something I love doing even half as much!  I do enjoy exploring different creative outlets – all the more reason to throw myself into blogging, photography and making Youtube videos!

What are 5 things you want to make more time for?  Let me know in the comments 🙂


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