10 Beauty Confessions

I thought I’d do a fun little post today, and share with you some of my ‘beauty confessions’!

1) I hate painting my nails!  However, I also hate having chipped nails – it’s a vicious circle!

2) I don’t have a hair care routine.

3) I am super lazy when it comes to maintaining my eyebrows, but love it when they’re freshly done!

4) I don’t contour.  Ever.

5) I’m a terrible hoarder!

6) I’m rarely loyal when it comes to beauty products, as I love to try out new things.

7) I get really sucked in by packaging and gimmicks!

8) I love lipsticks, and can never choose just one to use for the day.  I always end up with my entire collection in my handbag – a girl needs choices okay?!

9) 2 litres of water a day?  I’ve done well if I manage half of that!

10) I don’t use a primer, and rarely wear foundation.

Do you relate to any of these?!  What are your beauty confessions?!


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