TRESSemme Luxurious Moisture and Deep Cleansing Shampoo review

A while ago I picked up the TRESSemme Luxurious Moisture and Deep Cleansing shampoos, and as I’m now at the bottom of both bottles I thought it was time to give them a little review!

Let’s start with the Luxurious Moisture shampoo.  I’ll start by saying this probably isn’t the right type of product for my thin, fine hair!

I did really like this product to start off with, my hair always seems to like it when I change shampoo!  After a few uses,  I found that using this product along with my usual conditioner really weighed my hair down.  The more I used it, the more I felt I needed to wash my hair.  I went from washing my hair every three days to every day which I don’t like to do, we all know it’s not great for your hair!  If you have dry or damaged hair it could be worth a try!


Moving on to the Deep Cleansing shampoo.  I think this is a brilliant, affordable cleansing shampoo.  I picked this up on offer, a HUGE salon sized bottle at just £2.50!

This made my hair feel super squeaky clean!  As it’s a cleansing shampoo it’s not for everyday use, but adding this in once a week to my haircare routine helps remove any product build up and leaves me feel very refreshed!

Have you tried any of the TRESemme range?  What are your favourite products?!


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