Les Miserables | London West End

Last week I finally went to see Les Mis at the Queen’s Theatre in London’s West End.  *Spoiler – It was amazing.

As someone who has danced and been musical theatre obsessed all my life, it was practically a crime that I hadn’t seen this wonderful show until now!  I knew all the songs and had seen the film (a fair few times…) but was desperate to see the show.

When I heard that Carrie Hope Fletcher was coming to the end of her run playing Eponine, I knew that I had to get my bum down to London to finally see it before she left!  I treated my Mum to some tickets and off we went…

The theatre is absolutely gorgeous, and the stage actually moves which really helps tell the story and set the scene.  It was very cleverly done, and so much work must go in backstage to make sure everything runs smoothly.

As for the cast, let’s just say they blew me away!  As you can tell by the name, it’s a very emotional show, and I was in bits by about the third song!  I’m not a cryer – so that’s saying something!  Every performer was cast perfectly, and put their heart and soul into the show.

I was lucky enough to see Carrie play Eponine.  Her voice is beyond amazing and both my Mum and I got goosebumps during ‘On My Own’.  She is a very talented lady and I can’t wait to find out what she will be up to after Les Mis!

Do you love theatre?  What’s your favourite show?!


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