Collection Eyes Uncovered Eyeshadow Palettes

I picked up these eyeshadow palettes when I was looking for a neutral ‘everyday’ palette which I could use for work.

At just £2.99 they’re an absolute steal!  I picked up both the Nude and Grey Nude palettes, as I couldn’t decide which I liked more!  At such an affordable price, I wasn’t expected the packaging to hold up.  The outer packaging is made of cardboard, but has a slight magnetic closing, meaning it will stay closed when stored.  Surprisingly, the packaging still in good condition a few months down the line!  So far so good….


On to the product!

These shadows have amazing pigmentation considering the price!  They are super blendable and perfect for work.  The Nude palette has a beautiful warm tone, and is so neutral you just can;t go wrong!  The Nude Grey is cooler toned, so I’m really glad I picked up both.

As for staying power – they’re pretty good!  Use a primer or base and they’ll last even longer, but even without I’m happy with how it’s lasted by the end of the day!

If you’re looking to update your make up bag or want an inexpensive product to practise a smokey eye I would definitely recommend these.  These could even make it onto the ever elusive ‘re-purchase’ list!


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