Donating my hair

At the beginning of the year I decided that I wanted to be more selfless.

I started off by signing up to give blood (you can read about my experience here!) and then found out about The Little Princess Trust.

Instantly, I knew that donating my hair was something I wanted to and not long after I took the plunge and got my hair cut!

As I had #HairToSpare, I had 18cm of hair chopped off which doesn’t sound like a lot but certainly felt like a lot to me!

The process is easy, my hairdresser washed and dried my hair in the salon, before sectioning it into ponytails and snipping away!  It felt really odd to be taking my hair home with me!

Once you get your hair home you simply pop it in a bag and post it off along with the donation form!

I’m really happy that I’ve done it, and although I’m not such a huge fan of my shorter locks (hence the lack of photos!), it’s a great feeling  knowing you’ve done something to help someone else out.

If it’s something you’re interested in doing, that’s awesome!  Check out The Little Princess Trust website for all the info!


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