2016 Resolutions – revisited!

As we’re almost at the end of the year I thought it was the perfect time to check in with the goals I set for 2016 and see how I’ve done so far.  There’s still time to make a change so if you haven’t reached your goals yet – do it now and finish the year feeling accomplished!

My first goal was to practice and improve my photography skills.  This goal has been a bit of a fail so far!  I am super busy up until January so I doubt that I’ll have time to work on this but it’s still something I enjoy so if I do get any opportunities to take some snaps before the end of the year I’ll be sure to make the extra effort.

This year I also wanted to join an am-dram club.  This one took me a little while, but I finally bit the bullet and auditioned for a local pantomime which I’ll be performing in at Christmas!  I’m so happy that I pushed myself to do it, as I’ve loved meeting new people and being back in rehearsals – I’m already looking for shows I can be involved in once this one is over!

This year I wanted to do more for others.  I took the plunge and donated my hair to the Little Princess Trust, and signed up to start giving blood!  Three blood donations later and I’m kicking myself for not doing it sooner, it takes an hour out of your day but can save someones life.  You can find out more about my experience of giving blood for the first time here.

The next goal on my list was to visit as many cities as possible. Although we’ve been to a couple of places this year (mostly in England but we did hop over to Dublin as well), a change in my job has meant that money has been a little tighter and we haven’t been able to stray too far.

I had so many home improvements that I wanted to get through that they earned themselves their very own post which you can read here!  I think I’ll do an update post later on, but I’m happy to tell you that we’ve managed to tick off everything on our list already.  Well, almost – as we speak my husband is busy decorating the sitting room, but then we’re done!  I’m not sure what we’ll do with ourselves once it’s finished!

My last goal was to stop wasting my weekends!  I do feel like I’ve made the effort to get out of the house more this year,  and have spent lots of weekends with family and going for walks with Sean.  This is a goal I’m going to keep working on throughout this year, especially in the run up to Christmas!  As London is pretty much on our doorstep, I want to make a big effort to go and do lots of touristy things we usually wouldn’t bother with to make this year extra magical!

So far I think I’ve done pretty well in reaching my goals, let me know how you’ve done – is there anything you’ll be trying to achieve before the end of the year?!

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